I really appreciate the way you are coming up with some child accident proofing gadgets. In the developing world where accidents are ruling the cause for injuries and emergencies in children , there is really a need to come up with some childproofing themes which your company has come with. I was glad to go through the range of products you have from simple as preventing fall from and at various places to help them prevent taking unnecessary medications. In my office practice after infections troubling parents I see trivial accidents a cause of worry to many parents . Specially when both parents at work, the child needs to be proofed against common household hazards . Your products meet all the requirements of such needy parents. I'll be happy if someone like you in India promotes such important products for safety of our new generations . I'll be more than glad if such accidents and traumas in children are reduced and prevented . It's a pain to see a child moaning , when you can actually prevent it . It would be a happy and relaxed parenting with your products, thanks . All the best

Dr Raj Ganacharya

We were pleasantly surprised when we met the young team of Blossom Child Proofing, with the wonderful and innovative solutions that they shared on safety elements at our centre. The solutions that they provided after a thorough study of our centre was very easy to implement and effective. Their delivery timelines and prompt service impressed us. We have been very satisfied with our experience with the team and would certainly recommend their services.

Shilpa Kamat, Managing Partner, Mynest

I can't tell you the relief I feel in finally having our house child-proofed. Just can not forget those sleepless nights when I used to wake up every 30-35 minutes just to check that everything is fine. You made us aware of some potential hazards which we had missed out. Thank you so much…

Dr. Bhumika, Mumbai

Thank you very much for making my house a safer place for my twin boys. You did a wonderful job! I will certainly recommend Blossom Childproofing to all of my friends and relatives with kids

Ruchita Pathak, Mumbai

My husband and I were extremely satisfied with Blossom Childproofing. As a practicing physician, I strongly recommend them to all families to protect their children from accidental and preventable injuries.

Dr. Swapna Sheth, Pune

Thank you, appreciate your work.

Sindoor Mittal, Juhu, Mumbai

We appreciate your thoughtfulness in crafting the presentation and thoroughness in delivering the content to our employees. We also appreciate your approachability and willingness to speak with our employees during and after your talks. We have heard a lot of great feedback from our employees who now are much more aware that Childproofing as a preventive care is much valued in ensuring a safe childhood.Thank you once again and we hope to work with you in the future!

Manager HR,Avaya India, Pune