Home is where the heart is…and where the hazards may be waiting for babies and toddlers. But with a few easy childproofing techniques, you can make your house a safe haven.

Childproofing Services: ‘ Create a positive environment for your child’

As childproofing experts, we are able to identify risks and help you mitigate them. Our services are ideal for parents with kids as well as expectant parents. To help you make your home safer for your children, we offer:

Customised child safety evaluation
Personalised safety audits.
Detailed room-by-room assessment of your home, school or place of work
Safety tips inside and outside the home.
A customised list of product recommendations to meet your needs and budget, and to maintain the aesthetic look.
We strongly propose that you procure the services of our professional installers, to ensure you get the most effective use of your childproofing products. As incorrect installation of childproofing products can be a hazard to you and your child. You can rely on Blossom Child proofing Solutions to correctly install your products and maximize its effectiveness.
Personalised home safety evaluation plus Installation
To appoint Blossom Child proofing Solutions to install your products will help to protect your child, ease your mind, and save you both time AND money. We can help you with quick, correct and secure installation at the first time itself. Along with installation service we provide CPR training as a part of the package.
Workshops : In addition to the above bespoke assessments, we also offer workshops on childproofing inclusive of First-aid and CPR.