Safety Guidelines

Never refer to medicine as any kind of candy since children often swallow pills since they look like candy.
Just to be safe, teach your child never to eat anything without asking an adult first.
Donít leave children in the tub or shower .small children can drown in two inches of water within seconds.
Put the baby to sleep on his or her back in a crib with a flat firm mattress with no soft bedding underneath. Doing so reduces the risk of SID (Sudden Infant Death ) syndrome
Keep button batteries away from your child; they can cause intoxication with mercury and acid. Button batteries can be found in watches, small toys, computer games and other small gadgets
When running a bath turn the cold water on first and always test the water temperature with your elbow first before letting a child get into the bath or shower
Avoid using table cloth or table mats as they and everything on them can be pulled off the table.
Knives and sharp objects should be kept towards the back of drawer even if latches have been.
Always fit a safety gate at the top and bottom of stairs. Make sure balustrades are strong and do not have any footholds for climbing.
Keep plants away from children .Not only are some poisonous but leaves and dirt are choking hazards.

Child Milestones and Child proofing Solutions

Age Milestones Potential Dangers Solutions
0-6 months Wriggle and kick, grasp, suck, roll over. Falling; SID baby monitor, bed railings; car seat
6months-1year Stand, sit, crawl, put things in mouth. Choking; poisoning; electrical shock Child safety latches; drawer locks; cabinet locks; Corner cushions & edge bumpers; Electric socket covers
1-2years Move about, reach things high up, and find hidden objects, walk, and climb. Finger pinching; getting locked;strangulation hazard Door stoppers; Safety door; toilet lock; cord shortner
2-3years Be adventurous, climb higher, pull and twist things, watch and copy. Be a good role model and be watchful. Burn or scalds Out of sight out of mind: safety locks & latches; stove knob covers. .Be a good role model and be watchful.
3-4years Use grown-up things, be helpful, understand instructions, be adventurous, explore, walk downstairs alone. Burn or scalds Start safety training along with using child proofing devices. Be a good role model.
4-5years Play exciting games, can be independent, ride a bike, enjoy stories. Burn or scalds Continue with your safety training as kids of this age enjoy learning.For them rules are essential as long as it is same for everyone.
Suggested by: Blossom Childproofing Solutions Pvt Ltd