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“Parenting is the toughest job.” How many times have you heard that quote. And one does really wonder of would there be any solution to make this job a little easier. So one of the answers for that question would be ‘childproofing your home’ and that too at the right time as you can never anticipate the time and the level of activity or curiosity your little champ might exhibit.

Blossom Childproofing Solutions is child proofing company which offers childproofing guidelines, customised child proofing services and distributes child proofing products and much more.

“What is Childproofing?”

Childproofing (also called Baby Proofing) is the act of making an environment or an object relatively safe for children.

“Why Childproofing is so important??”

According to the SAFEKIDS organisation in India, preventable injuries kill more than 60,000 children each year, leaving...

“We are proud to be associated with”

At Blossom, we are proud to be associated as members with IAFCS - International Association for Child Safety, SA. The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) is a worldwide network of child safety professionals and babyproofers. IAFCS Members are recognized childproofing experts and are ready to help you make your home a safe place for your little one.