About Us

Arrival of a baby in the house adds a new dimension, turning a house into a home. To our greatest surprise even before we realise our tiny bundle becomes mobile and soon we realise that we would need to be a super-human to keep up with our bundle of joy. As our little one starts crawling after 6 months, we need to seriously think about baby proofing of our homes so that we can be assured about their safety and the same time enjoy their inquisitiveness with complete peace of mind.

BLOSSOM CHILDPROOFING SOLUTIONS is committed for providing every child and their parents a scar-free set of childhood memories. We are also committed to providing a secure and healthy surrounding while providing several avenues for safe exploration.
Children are curious, impulsive, and unpredictable; they lack judgement and need to be protected from their own impulses by the constant, careful supervision of adults. There are lots of obvious – and not so obvious – child safety hazards in our homes. We at BLOSSOM have a variety of options to help you make taking care of a baby a little easier and even more fun.
Who are we
Blossom Child Proofing Solutions is conceptualised and given birth by Radhika Bhalerao and Ashwini Gawde.

Radhika Bhalerao is MBA Finance from Pune University. She has worked in the research arm of a Singapore based hedge fund and as an Underwriter(Quality Check) with a US Mortgage Bank. She has also worked with a management consultancy firm focusing on market intelligence for the emerging markets. A passionate researcher and a curious mother has led her to figure out a way to make child environment safe and secure.

Ashwini Gawde is BSC Maths graduate from Mumbai University. She is a soft skills trainer for corporate and IB schools. She is also an certified NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master NLP and NLP-K (Kinesiology) practitioner thus helping people have better, fuller and richer lives. She is a mother as well as a keen observer of human behaviour.

Both Radhika and Ashwini hold certifications in CPR and first-aid and are very eager on working towards benefiting children. They strongly believe that childhood experiences play a very important role in every individual’s life. Thus they have come up with Blossom Child Proofing Solutions for helping little individuals to enhance the experience of this journey.